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What are the payment options for my monthly rental?

1. Auto debit-Deduction via customer's debit / credit card

2. Direct debit-deduction via customer's saving / current account


What is the penalty for returning the rental?

The cancellation penalty varies depending on the product, so please contact our Magic TALK center (180-018-7878) and I will explain in detail


What is the mandatory use period?

The period of mandatory use of rental products is subject to a cancellation fee.


When Will the First Month's Rent Start?

The payment will start after the month of installation. Let's say you install on November. So the first month's payment will start on December. Usually deductions for monthly rental payments will be made in the first week.


What documents need to be prepared when buying/renting SK magic products?

  1. Full Name: 

  2. IC Number: 

  3. Address: 

  4. Email: 

  5. Contact Number: 

  6. Credit Card Details

  7. Emergency info

  • Contact Number

  • Name

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